At Primary, we adhere to a strict investment philosophy that we never compromise on and accordingly advise our clients. Our philosophy revolves around our guiding principles of integrity, quality and value



As an organization, we place utmost value on integrity and honesty. Not only do we hold ourselves to a high standard of integrity but demand the same from our partners.


Quality Partners

Over the years we have held and strengthened the belief that selecting the right partner is critical while making investments, given the nature of the real estate business. We deal exclusively with developers not only with impeccable integrity, but also with proven execution capability and those who have a strong presence in the markets of our interest.



We consciously stay away from markets outside our core competence. With our ear-to-ground approach we continuously study and monitor the locations of our interest, before, during and after the investment.


Margin of Safety

We factor in adequate margin of safety in all our assumptions such as - timelines for approvals, pricing, absorption and costing. Our conservative estimates have helped us to preserve our investors’ capital and earn them better returns on their investments.